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Glass Lilac

Modern Films for Modern Couples

My name is Gabe Castle~ I have spent years in hospitality, fine dining, IT support, you name it. And the most important through-line in my work has been relationships. Relationships you make with people are sometimes more important than the job you do, not to dismiss the job as something to be sloppy with, but to say there is only so far that accomplishing the job can make a person feel seen and heard and special. And I feel there is no more important nod to that philosophy than weddings, where sure you can just make a wedding film and it will look good, but to truly get this once in a lifetime event and art project something TRULY special, not just some commercial job, is actually making that relationship with people.

That is what Glass Lilac is. It is an attempt to take this multi-billion dollar industry and all its cash-grabbing and really trying to be a genuine person with other genuine people celebrating their genuine love and making something for them, like an artisan in olden days, that they not only treasure for the thing itself, but because of how we make them feel all along the way. To be cliche, to make the film less about the film, but more about the friends and memories we made along the way, and how the greatest ingredient in our films is that attempt to KNOW YOU. To EXPRESS YOU.

Now, I do have a highfalutin film degree from a big city school. I do have a documentary background before I got into more formal jobs. I am not just some person, but a certified artist with the chops and the team to make incredible work that you deserve in your filmic portraiture.

Glass Lilac isn't just some wedding video company that's going to do the industry trends. We strike our own path because we are originals and our art is made by the unique combination of you, your family, your friends, and your emotions that shouldn't be the same anywhere else!

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