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Simple Offerings for Rich Stories

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The Art Film


This package is for a highlight film of your big day, typically 8-12 minutes. An artful and unique film that skillfully mixes audio and visuals from throughout the day.


- 8-10 hrs coverage

- Drone footage ((FAA/Weather permitting)

-Access to raw footage via hard drive

- Audio Recording
-Second Shooter available for + $400

The Mockumentary


Commonly referred to as "The Office" style, mockumentary is a film genre that spoofs traditional documentary with being more focused on comedy a more whimsical flow. This package gives you a two shooter team that follows all the action like a film crew throughout the entire day, including setting up an interview room for the reception for talking heads.



-8-10 hr coverage

- Two shooters

- An episode length (20-40 min) film

- Drone footage (FAA/Weather permitting)

- Access to raw footage via hard drive

- Additional shooters available for $400/each

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The Arthouse Documentary


Your wedding day isn't just the day of, but the planning, the story, the chemistry, all the members and the web they weave to create everything that is special about your day. With our documentary film background, we work with you to tell the entire story of your wedding with month-of interviews with friends and family, a two shooter team the day of, events you want captured leading up. We also will utilize home video and existing footage of the couple that they feel would be important in their film.


- full day of coverage.

- Two shooters

- 15-20 hr month-of access for interviews, tag-alongs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc. (travel fees apply)

- Feature length documentary film (45-60 min)

- Drone footage (FAA/weather permitting)

-Access to raw footage via hard drive

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